Field Day

//kneeon Studios

Josh + Vince




Written and Directed by

Vincent Peone


Executive Producers

Josh Ruben + Vincent Peone

Mike Healey

Garrett Fennelly

Alexander Schepsman

David Kornfield


Animation Director

Mike Healey


Director of Photography

José Andrés Cardona


Production Design

Kathleen Gerber + Lori Nix


Associate Producer

José Andrés Cardona

Lacy Wittman

Alex Kurze

Steve Intrabartola

Storyboard Artist and Character Design

Daniel Dussault


Underwater Character Design and Fabrication

Kathleen Gerber


Character Facial Design and Sculpture

Jon Payne


Body Sculptures

Lisa Frost


Clothing and Hair Design

Molly Light



Julian Clark


Additional Puppet Sculpting

Brandon Grether, Maxwell Sorensen


Main Title Design

Jackie Russo


Lead Stop Motion Animator

Noella Borie


Stop Motion Animator

Mike Healey

Matt Christensen


VFX Producer

Steve Intrabartola


3D Animation

Jamil Lahham

Spencer Noble



Navid Bagherzadeh

Mike Healey


3D Character Rigging

Spencer Noble

Han Hu


2D Animation

Zack Williams

Pete Ahern


Additional Animation and Rotoscoping

Dylan Steinberg


CG provided by Gloo Studios


Photometric Scanning

Mike Ritchie, Tianlun Jiang


Modelling and texturing

Mike Ritchie


3D Tracking

Anita Kwan, Josh Brune, Tianlun Jiang

Cam Slusar, Mike Ritchie


Lighting and rendering

Mike Ritchie, Josh Brune


Sarah Natochenny


“Uncle Wolfie”

Jim Donaldson



Roger Babb


Sound Design and Mix

Heath Raymond

Evan Mangiamele

Stefano Campello


Original score by

Ramona Córdova



Jaime O'Bradovich


Special Thanks

Corwin Carroll

Kenny Solomon

Tucker Voorhees

Brian Steinberg

Fred Hashagen

Zach Poots

Chelsea Manifold

Corwin Carroll

Andrea Allen

Laura Turner Garrison

Katie Andrews

Hana El-Assad

Paul Lowey

Jason Hujber

Adrian Walker

Doreen Peone

Natalie Camarda

1st Ave Machine



Abel Cinetech

Gloo Studios

Big Block

Company 3

Heard City

Dream Machine Creative

Shriners Hospitals for Children

The Town of Saugerties, NY

The Glasco Fire Department


Made possible in part by a contribution from The Jerome Foundation.