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The Sea is Blue has been a passion project of mine for a long time. I wrote it at a very challenging time in my life. One morning ten years ago, I awoke to some terrible news. My kid sisters were in critical condition from a fire that ravaged my childhood home. The fire nearly took both of their lives. Fortunately the youngest, Angelina, had a relatively speedy recovery. All attention then turned to my other sister, Dina. With third degree burns covering nearly sixty eight percent of her body, the doctors weren't exactly confident she'd pull through. I took a sabbatical from school so I was able to be with my family during this tremendously hard time. For my own part, I managed to find comfort in writing The Sea is Blue for Dina while at her bedside, waiting for her to wake up from a drug-induced coma. After three long months of emotionally charged uncertainty, Dina did wake up. While it wasn't a short road to recovery, she now leads a happy, healthy life. She's a writer, and a great one at that! 


The short is about loss, learning to appreciate what you have, and new beginnings. It gave me hope when I needed it, and now I'm pleased to share it. 


Hope you enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed making it.


Thank you,




Josh Ruben and Vincent Peone are an award-winning writing/directing duo that pioneered the comedic viral video. As founding members of the video department, they directed more than 2000 videos over the course of 6 years, averaging a combined 15,000,000 views every month, making CollegeHumor YouTube’s #1 comedy channel with over 8 million subscribers. Their comedic shorts, commercials and music videos have amassed a viewership tally in the high billions.


Through their shorts, commercials, music videos and other projects, Josh and Vince have collaborated with a myriad of agencies and high-level brands. Their Vitamin Water campaign, #MakeBoringBrilliant includes a series of award-winning videos such as Panhandler Pranks Entire Subway - which premiered on Good Morning America - and GPS Prank


In 2014, they worked with Save the Children to create The Most Important Sexy Model Commercial - a prank-style video featuring models reading horrifying statistics, sexily - and followed it up in 2015 by working with Vogue and Paramount Pictures to create Zoolander Pranks the Runway, a sketch starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Anna Wintour to officially announce the much-anticipated ZOOLANDER 2


Following directing segments for Broad City, Josh and Vince began their official foray into scripted television in 2015, directing three episodes of TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything, and are currently in development for their original Comedy Central show. 

Animation studio

//kneeon studios is an independent animation studio located in Brooklyn, NY. Specializing in stop-motion and 2D animation, //kneeon has created animated content for Oreo, MTV, Toshiba, Bonnaroo Music Festival and numerous other clients.

Working closely with Vince, //kneeon shot The Sea Is Blue over a period of seven months in their Brooklyn studio. Then, in collaboration with Gloo Studios and talented 3D animators Jamil Lahham and Spencer Noble, //kneeon integrated the 3D facial animation into the stop motion footage, along with 2D animation, to create the final look of the film.